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Flat-Fee & Commission-Free service that sends a strong message to the consumer that their debt is outstanding.


Convenient online client portal to view or send new accounts available 24/7.

 professional  SKIPTRACING

Can't find someone? We can. 


Motivate your consumer to pay by reporting unpaid debts to all major credit bureaus.  


Live representatives each time you call that can answer any of your questions anytime.

account recovery

Seamlessly extend your billing cycle and produce results with the help of our friendly and experienced representatives. Credit Service is in the top 10 debt collection companies.


Pre-Collection is a flat-fee service that can start right after your last invoice has been sent out.  It includes a series of 2 or 5 letters that are drafted to motivate consumers to resolve the outstanding debts to avoid collections.  For those in the medical field Pre-Collect is a great way to stay compliant with the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care). Obama Care requires medical providers take no adverse action on account receivables during the first 30 days after insurance has been paid. Quick Collect is an easy way to feel confident in your compliance with Obama Care.  Accounts that pay in full during Pre-Collections can protect their credit rating and avoid more aggressive collection efforts.


Like all CSL services Account Recovery is a professional collection service where patients and customers will work with our professional representatives to work out payment in full or acceptable payment plans. This service is commission based and includes credit reporting to all major credit bureaus, in addition to credit reporting, CSL will make contact with the responsible party to obtain payment of the account submitted for collection through payment in full or acceptable payment arrangments.


We are available to answer any of your questions at any time.  You will reach a live person each time you call without having to deal with an automated system.  You'll receive a same day response through a secure email.  We work for you. 

BILLING service

Billing is a low-rate service that allows patients and customers will work with our professional customer service representatives to work out payment in full or acceptable payment plans.  Consumers that pay during the Billing Service cycle protect their credit rating and avoid more aggressive collection efforts.  Billing Service allows you to recover more money on accounts that pay quickly.  


Utilize legal action without paying any fees up front. 


Recover full face-value of any NSF checks written to you or your company. 


CSL will sue on your behalf and pay all the court costs and attorney fees.  There is never any out of pocket expense to you, and we do not proceed with legal action without your authorization.  Litigation allows us to collect the debt through wage, bank, or tax garnishment.  


CSL collects on all forms of NSF checks. With all of our check services, we never take money from you, the client. The writer of the check pays all fees.

professional  SKIPTRACING

CSL has access to many location resources including credit reports and court information that can be used to find updated contact information for consumers.  When a consumer is no longer receiving your mail or phone calls is the perfect time to refer the account to collections to ensure they are notified of their obligations.   


Our client portal allows you to monitor the status of all accounts you've referred to CSL.  You can also send new accounts and documents to us through the portal.  We take the security of your consumers information very seriously, so you can feel confident in providing the information needed to collect online.  

BILLING service

Low rate service covering first 30 days in collections, allowing you to recover more on accounts that pay quickly. 


We notify all consumers with our first letter that any unpaid balances may be reported to the credit bureaus if the balances remains after an initial 30 day grace period.  The grace-period for credit reporting can be extended if Pre-Collection or Billing Service is used.